How Europe fell behind on vaccines

A story looking at vaccine procurement in the EU and elsewhere. The article summarises the trade offs arising from the EU’s centralised approach in the following way — “EU countries stuck together even as the U.S. and the U.K. bought, approved and began injecting vaccines at a faster clip. The result: lower prices, with higher accountability for drugmakers, and shots for the whole of the EU — but also delays in delivery and rising tensions among EU member countries resentful about the tradeoffs.”

How Do We Change America?

A powerful essay that poses the question “How do we change America?”, looks to the past and finds a repetitive cycle of calls for reform much like those being put forward by many politicians now, followed by policy making and implementation failures. The author proposes that, in the end, “We cannot insist on “real change” in the United States by continuing to use the same methods, arguments, and failed political strategies that have brought us to this moment.”