Wikipedia Is the Last Best Place on the Internet

A look at the utopian vision of Wikipedia, the only not for profit in the top ten most visited sites on the web, and a journey through some of the tricky challenges inherent in creating any encyclopaedia, let alone an online one that is crowdsourced. Wikipedia is now so integrated into the web that its data arm powers all sorts of other services; a sign of its maturity to be sure, though also occasionally resulting in blips, such as when Apple’s Siri voice assistant “briefly thought Bulgaria’s national anthem was “Despacito”.

The Secret History of Facial Recognition

A look at the ingenious, secretive, technical research undertaken in the 1960s on what now seem ludicrously underpowered machines, that formed some of the earliest steps in what would eventually become the field of facial recognition software.

The Gospel of Wealth According to Marc Benioff

A look at the Salesforce founder Marc Benioff’s efforts at philanthropy – the story refers to a description of him as a “clarifying agent” of our times – in that he demonstrates both the impact and the limits of what the “good billionaire” can do.