The Bard

The powerful story of a man who made it his mission to preserve the songs sung to him by fellow prisoners in a Nazi concentration camp.

Living Through the Blitz

One from the New Yorker’s archive, this brief September 1940 dispatch from London describes life during the blitz and marvels at the “cheerfulness and fortitude with which ordinary individuals are doing their jobs under nerve-racking conditions.”

How do we know her?

Hillary Mantel displays her trademark historical insight, deftness of touch, and ability to create a sense of immediacy in this review of a 2017 book about the wealthy and influential 16th century noblewoman Margaret Pole.

The Wild Ones

The story of a groundbreaking research expedition down the Colorado River in 1938, undertaken by two female botanists out to prove people wrong. It’s a story at once personal and symbolic, with a narrative arc spanning over half a century.