Boss of the Beach

A story of power and patronage in a perhaps unexpected place, the New York beach lifeguarding fiefdom of Peter Stein, who presided over a network of lifeguards named by one as “La Cosa Nostra.”

City of Solitude

This story weaves together evocative testimony of life under and after lockdown from residents of Wuhan, the first epicenter of the covid-19 pandemic.

The peak

A powerful account of a night at London’s University College Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, on the peak night to date for deaths in hospitals from covid-19 in the UK, from the perspective of one of the leading consultants working there.

The haunting of Girlstown

The story of a strange outbreak at a Catholic school in Mexico in 2006. Girls reported pain in their legs, nausea, and fever. When the cases spread to hundreds of pupils, the government sent a psychiatrist specialised in adolescents experiencing psychosomatic illnesses to investigate. The story is currently being turned into a film.