Day: May 5, 2019

The real story behind Harper Lee’s lost true crime book

The story behind Harper Lee’s unpublished project The Reverend, a true crime book about a serial killer from Alabama. The piece outlines Lee’s keen urge to get to the truth of matters, and separate that truth from opinion. This was a concern that amongst other things led her to lament Truman Capote’s approach in a letter to The New Yorker’s fact-checker – “Truman’s having long ago put fact out of business had made me despair of ‘factual’ accounts of anything.”

Why Budapest, Warsaw, and Lithuania split themselves in two

A look at how EU funding is distributed to help less economically developed regions catch up with their more economically developed counterparts. Some countries are redrawing their internal boundaries in order to gain better access to this funding for less developed areas adjacent to their richer capitals. It’s an insightful piece with superior quality data visualisation deployed to tell the story of economic development in Europe.

On Particle Physics

A clear, concise primer on particle physics, concerning itself with both its theory and practical applications and deploying interactive tools and examples throughout to help illuminate the topic. The author eloquently makes the case for his discipline in his conclusion – “Particle physics helps us unveil the mysteries of the universe, and has let us discern the basic components of matter and the basic forces which govern the universe as we know it so far.”