Day: July 28, 2019

The Crane Wife

A woman goes on a scientific free trip to observe water cranes in Texas days after calling off her engagement. In this powerful essay she reflects on the relationship she walked away from, and life ahead.

Kamala Harris Makes Her Case

A political profile that goes beyond the norms of the format, particularly in exploring the dynamics of San Francisco power networks that helped forge Kamala Harris’s political career. Harris’s poll numbers spiked after an impressive performance in the recent Democratic primary debates.

The Two Jacobs

James Meek on the dual characters of Jacob Rees-Mogg and their impact on Brexit Britain. Jacob 1 – “a member of Parliament performing a rolling re-enactment of steak-and-kidney-pudding Edwardian Britishness”, and Jacob 2 – “master of the spreadsheet…shrugging off the opening and closing of factories in this or that country as no more than the fluttering of gills on Mammon’s throat.”