Day: December 15, 2019

Flight to the Forest

A story of a Swiss man who lived amongst the Penan in Sarawak, Malaysia – “one of the last populations of genuine nomads in the world”. Following run-ins with the Malaysian government and logging companies, and a brief repatriation to Switzerland, he returned to Sarawak undercover, only to go missing whilst trekking. Nearly 20 years later, he has never been found.

The Age of Instagram Face

A look at how at the strange phenomenon whereby “social media, FaceTune, and plastic surgery” has resulted in “a single, cyborgian look” becoming predominant in fashion, entertainment, and media.

The Gospel of Wealth According to Marc Benioff

A look at the Salesforce founder Marc Benioff’s efforts at philanthropy – the story refers to a description of him as a “clarifying agent” of our times – in that he demonstrates both the impact and the limits of what the “good billionaire” can do.