Year: 2020

What Happened Here?

A collection of 20 stories shared in previous editions that together, go some way to telling the story of the Trump presidency.

It’s telling in its own way that in this administration where personalities were paramount, rather than covering legislative change or other signature issues, many of the pieces are profiles of characters in the Trump soap opera.

The edition comprises five sections:

The Man
The Family
The Team
Domestic Affairs
Foreign Affairs

Note that the story descriptions are contemporaneous to when they were first shared, so in some cases things will have changed. For instance, several of the people described in them have since been fired.

Boss of the Beach

A story of power and patronage in a perhaps unexpected place, the New York beach lifeguarding fiefdom of Peter Stein, who presided over a network of lifeguards named by one as β€œLa Cosa Nostra.”

Art UK

The charity Art UK has created a digital catalogue of 250,000 works of art in the UK and made it easy to search and navigate them. Splendid.

Revisionist History

Malcom Gladwell’s Revisionist History podcast seeks to “go back and reinterpret something from the past: an event, a person, an idea.” This episode looks at why we horde things, with a focus on the art world.

Touching Minard

Charles Minard was a civil engineer by profession but also, in partial retirement, a celebrated information designer. He was born in France in 1781. This story examines the man and his fascinating diagrams, charts, and maps, including those of Napoleon in Russia, described in his obituary as evoking “bitter reflections on the cost to humanity of the madness of conquerors”.