The Atavist

The Bard

The powerful story of a man who made it his mission to preserve the songs sung to him by fellow prisoners in a Nazi concentration camp.

The Ghost Hunter

The story of how the shipwreck of a galleon laden with treasure in 1690s Oregon continued to capture people’s attention centuries after it was lost.

The Wild Ones

The story of a groundbreaking research expedition down the Colorado River in 1938, undertaken by two female botanists out to prove people wrong. It’s a story at once personal and symbolic, with a narrative arc spanning over half a century.

The Rescue

The story of a commercial vessel that rescued migrants in the Mediterranean and started taking them back to Libya, where they had started their journey, against their will. What happened next is the source of much debate, and an upcoming trial.

There are places you cannot go

The story, spanning 40 years, of the friendship between Cambodian Nhek Veng Huor and the American Cindy Coleman. The story is haunted by the spectre of the murderous Khmer Rouge regime, under whose rule “one in four Cambodians died”.

Outlaw Country

A dark story of a killing that took place in Klamath County, Oregon – extraordinarily remote and hard country.

Commonwealth v. Mohamed

The tragic death of a thirteen year old girl in a car accident becomes a story of immigration and the American justice system after a Sudanese refugee was charged with manslaughter over the incident.

The Desperado

A man with chronic health problems was drowning and disconnected from other people, with no help in sight. His exit strategy was to rob a bank.