California Sunday

City of Solitude

This story weaves together evocative testimony of life under and after lockdown from residents of Wuhan, the first epicenter of the covid-19 pandemic.

The Mysterious Lawyer X

She was a leading figure in the Australian legal scene, known for her effectiveness, as well as unusually close social relationships with some of the clients she defended in criminal matters. It turns out that there was a far bigger issue lying beneath the surface.

The Green Gang

The story of India’s Green Gang, “a gang of hundreds — no, thousands — of women, almost all of them poor and low-caste”. Their mission – to take on ” anyone who dared to hurt a woman, including violent in-laws, philandering husbands, domestic abusers, land-grabbers, bootleggers, molesters, and rapists.”

The Deepest Dig

The ocean bed is little understood and mapped by humans, and has been referred to as “the next best thing to another planet” from an astrobiological point of view. We don’t really know it at all, and yet we have figured out how to mine it.