Day: January 1, 2016

Death in the Forest

Looking at mushroom foraging around the world, and the extraordinary lengths people go to secure valuable or rare varieties.

The Hills Have I.P.s

A issue with the internet’s mechanism for identifying device locations led to millions of devices being incorrectly located in an American couple’s front garden. A funny glitch surely? Perhaps, until the FBI show up.

Who Really Stands to Win from Universal Basic Income?

This piece kicks off with an insight – “Economics is at heart a narrative art, a frame across which data points are woven into stories about how the world should work.” It then proceeds to examine universal basic income as an economic narrative, its roots in English history, and the lessons learned from its application in countries around the world.

The Syria Catastrophe

An analysis of the civil war in Syria that calls for an antimilitarist approach whilst recognising the challenges standing in the way of such a resolution.

Man v Rat

A fascinating study of the age old battle between humans and rats, one of the few species to challenge our supremacy on this planet.