Month: May 2020

The peak

A powerful account of a night at London’s University College Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, on the peak night to date for deaths in hospitals from covid-19 in the UK, from the perspective of one of the leading consultants working there.

Talking Politics

This new(ish) podcast from the makers of Talking Politics covers one big idea in each episode. Topics so far include Tocqueville on Democracy, Marx and Engels on Revolution, Gandhi on Self-Rule, and Weber on Leadership. The website also contains links to further reading on the topics discussed in the podcast.

Global Change Data Lab

An initiative set up to source, present, and analyse data that tells the story of global progress. Over 3,000 charts about a range of aspects of global development along with a trove of analysis, make this this site a valuable resource for any looking to understand the world better.

The haunting of Girlstown

The story of a strange outbreak at a Catholic school in Mexico in 2006. Girls reported pain in their legs, nausea, and fever. When the cases spread to hundreds of pupils, the government sent a psychiatrist specialised in adolescents experiencing psychosomatic illnesses to investigate. The story is currently being turned into a film.